Siyi Chen

Composer, guzheng player

Dedicated to music composition in various styles and the promotion of international music and cultural exchange, she is a key supported artist of the Mayor’s Office of New York City and a judge for the New York City Arts Fund.

Yusi Liu

Classical pianist, composer

The works cover chamber music, string quartet, percussion ensemble, big orchestra and jazz orchestra.

Ruixuan Li

Independent curator, writer

She has contributed to and co-curated numerous exhibitions and public events for art organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. She currently serves as the executive editor for the collaborative journal “UN-Curating,” founded jointly by UNArt 2020 and OnCurating. Additionally, she works as a strategist for overseas business development and marketing at the company Indienova.

Chun Zhou

Independent musician

Employed at a Silicon Valley unicorn, now working in the field of AI and Cloud technology at a music entertainment tech company. Preferring to remain anonymous, she transitioned from being the leader of a group that explored various traditional Chinese musical instruments to becoming an independent musician. Her primary focus lies in the intersection of AI technology and artistic music.