Si Scoring Studio

Vintage music production house focusing on telling sonic stories for films, games, and media.

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Scoring Credict

Game Scoring Credit


Foodie Adventure       (2023) |  Prod. Supernova Games

A Most Silent Year      (2022) |  Prod. Clark Cen

Batsumaru                  (2022) |  Prod. Tyler Rae

Hot Pot For One         (2021) |  Prod. Rachel Li & Qin Yin

Good Day                   (2021) |  Prod. Toby Đỗ & Rachel Li


Film Scoring Credit 


Dive Into The Blue      (2023) | Dir. Ge Gao


Paeonia                      (2023) | Dir. Pedro Buson

Asunder To Void         (2023) | Dir. Tianyi Liu 

A Roadside Banquet   (2022) | Dir. Peiqi Peng

Tulpa                           (2022) | Dir. CHUN – CHIEH WANG

Home of Pigeon          (2022) | Dir. Jia Wu


Interactive Media Credit

Kristine Is Not Well (2023) | Prod. Seeyam


Latest Album
"New Shidaiqu"

The New Shidaiqu project includes releasing a music album and hosting New Shidaiqu live performances and workshops that explore the intersection of jazz and Shidaiqu.

“Shidaiqu was a type of Chinese folk and American jazz fusion music originally from Shanghai in 1920. Our project New Shidaiqu is a new style of Chinese-jazz album that will focus on mixing Jazz music, Hollywood film music, and Chinese traditional folk songs.”

Awards & Sponsors

Our Awards

Voughan International Film Festival Selected (2023)
Sarasota Film Festival Selected (2023)
Cleverland International Film Festival Official Selected (2023)
International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam Selected (2022)
Los Angeles Film Awards Best LGBTQ Film Tulpa (2022)
Tokyo International Short Film Festival Winner Tulpa (2022)
2022 NYC Women Fund for Media, Music & Theatre Recipient New Shidaiqu (2022)
BAFTA Student Awards for Immersive Finalist Hot Pot For One (2021)

Our Sponsors
2022 NYC Women’s Fund
NYC Media & Entertainment
New York Foundation for Arts
Siyi Chen
Yusi Liu


Siyi Chen is a New York based Chinese screen composer and guzheng performer. She has constantly been exploring music communication among different genres of music.

Yusi Liu is a classically trained composer and a music pioneer, her works cover a wide range of styles including chamber works, string quartet, percussion ensembles, big bands and jazz ensemble pieces.