Si Scoring Studio: Crafting Soundscapes, Bridging Cultures


Founded in 2021 by composers Siyi Chen and Yusi Liu in New York, Si Scoring Studio stands at the intersection of innovation and tradition in music scoring. Specializing in film, TV, advertising, and gaming soundtracks, we also provide expert music production consulting. Our ethos centers on the fusion of diverse musical cultures, aiming to create a seamless amalgamation of global musical traditions for a rich, distinctive auditory experience.

Premier Partner in Film Scoring and Sound Production

At Si Sound Studio, we specialize in delivering top-tier sound and music solutions for the film and advertising industries. Our portfolio spans over 40 distinguished film projects, marked by their critical acclaim and recognition at prestigious film festivals worldwide. Highlights include securing the Raindance Award for Best Short Animation, competing in the First Youth Film Festival’s main category, and earning nominations and selections at the New York Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, with a notable victory for Best Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Our expertise extends to crafting bespoke soundtracks and soundscapes for leading brands, including Nongfu Spring, Yangshengtang, and Zhouheiya, enhancing their advertising campaigns with our signature sound production.

Furthermore, Si Sound Studio excels in post-production sound and music services, notably for the acclaimed Playlet series, ensuring a comprehensive auditory experience that elevates each project’s narrative and emotional impact. Our commitment to excellence and innovation positions us as the go-to studio for creators seeking unparalleled sound design and musical composition.

Gaming Projects Collaboration

Si Sound Studio has collaborated with Supernova Games, the top-ranking mobile game studio in the simulation management genre, to produce game sound and music. We also created promotional music and sound effects for their latest game, “Foodie Adventure,” which was showcased at the Global Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March 2023.

In addition to this, we have produced game music and sound effects for over 10 games that have been released worldwide. Our work has led to these games being featured in various top-tier gaming festivals and industry magazines.

Cultural Projects and Creations

In September 2021, Si Sound Studio was selected by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs for the Onebeat artist residency program. As part of this two-month project, Si Sound Studio collaborated with artists from 35 different countries to explore innovative approaches to ethnic music composition.

In October 2021, Si Sound Studio led the “One-Person Hot Pot” soundtrack music concert, supported by the New York City Arts Fund. The concert took place at Wonderville, the largest game-themed performance venue in Brooklyn, New York, and showcased Chinese music culture to the local residents of Brooklyn.

In March 2022, Si Sound Studio’s original Chinese jazz album, “New Era Melodies,” was selected as a key supported project by the Mayor’s Office of New York City and the New York City Arts Fund. It also received the 2022 New York City Women’s Fund. This album is dedicated to exploring the fusion possibilities of traditional Chinese music elements, American jazz music elements, and the characteristics of film scoring.